Lubricants, MW & F, RPA Labs

Azelis Americas

Lubricants, Metalworking & Fluids, Polymers Labs

Lab Capabilities

  • Plastics and pigment performance primarily PVC compounds and the evaluation of organic pigments for color and strength in PVC compounds.
  • Chemical analysis of  product lots and potential sources current and/or new products via FT-IR, HPLC & Melting Point.
  • Technical administration; certificates of analysis (C of A’s), Safety Data Sheets, formerly MSDS’s, (SDS) and Technical Data and/or Specification Sheets (TDS’s)
  • Providing technical service to customers in cooperation with and under the direction of Monson’s Executive and Sales & Marketing Team.
  • Help identify and develop market opportunities under the direction of Monson’s Executive and Sales & Marketing Team.
  • Support any aspect of Azelis Americas’ business where the Lab’s capabilities are applicable.
  • To assist Azelis Americas’ Executive and Sales Marketing Team in exploring areas for growth.


Chris Sementa, Technical Manager

  • Education: BA in Chemistry from Rutgers University.
  • Experience: 18 years of lab/industry experience
  • Lab management
  • Product formulation
  • Technical Service/technical project management
  • Quality control: Management and implementation.


Andrew Melodino, Laboratory Technician
  • Experience: 7 years
  • Areas of Expertise: FT-IR, Color Analysis, Lubricant & Metal Working testing, chemical & QC analysis and technical administration.