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Azelis Americas, through its affiliate companies Adapco and Red River Specialties, is dedicated to providing leading-edge products, services, equipment and technologies for the Industrial Mosquito Control industry, Industrial Vegetation management, Range and Pasturelands, Weeds, and Forest Land Management. You can rely on Azelis Americas’s distinct product offerings and teams of sales experts, services, and technical specialists for turnkey solutions. Count on Red River and Adapco to be your AG Specialty Chemicals partner.

Products: Insecticide, Mosquito Control, Herbicides, Vegetation Management, Range and Pastureland, Noxious Weeds, Forest Land Management


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ADAPCO is the world’s largest distributor of innovative insecticide products, technology, and equipment to the professional mosquito control industry. ADAPCO strives to foster long-term relationships built on trust, service, and integrity. At all times, ADAPCO operates with maximum regard for the user, consumer, and the environment to protect human health.

Main Office
550 Aero Lane
Sanford, FL 32771-6342

Wendy DeCorah
Phone: 407-328-6576
Email: WDeCorah@MyADAPCO.com


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Red River Specialties is one of the nation’s leading distributors of specialty products for Industrial Vegetation Management/Aquatics, Range and Pasturelands/Noxious Weeds and Forest Land Management. As the premier provider of herbicides, Red River Specialties supports customers through the entire treatment process: from trusted advisor, to product selection, to developing an effective treatment plan using Red River’s turnkey services. Whatever the market segment requirements may be, Red River’s expert sales support provides customer service that consistently exceeds expectations.

Main Office
1324 N. Hearne Ave., Ste 120
Shreveport, LA 71107

Heidi Braness
Phone: 800-256-3344
Email: Heidi.Braness@rrsi.com