Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers


Azelis Americas and its affiliates have been a key provider of specialty chemicals and services to the CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers) industries for over 60 years. Azelis Americas’s regional model, broad range of specialty chemicals and keen business knowledge make Azelis Americas the #1 partner for specialty chemicals for these important and specialized markets. Through its four regional companies (PT Hutchins, Ribelin and GMZ), Azelis Americas provides the product, inventory management, logistics and technical services needed to meet customer demands. All Azelis Americas affiliate companies offer a wide range of products with local inventory. Azelis Americas’s expert technical sales team is focused on providing the right products and services that meet customers’ formulation and application needs.


AG Specialty Chemicals


Azelis Americas, through it affiliate companies ADAPCO and Red River Specialties, is dedicated to providing leading-edge products, services, equipment and technologies for the Industrial Mosquito Control industry, Industrial Vegetation management, Range and Pasturelands, Weeds, and Forest Land Management. You can rely on Azelis Americas’s distinct product offerings and teams of sales experts, services and technical specialists for turnkey solutions. Count on Red River and Adapco to be your AG Specialty Chemicals partner.

industrial greener technologies


Azelis Americas’s affiliate Company, Monson Companies, prides itself in optimizing current formulas and assisting in the innovative design of greener technologies. Monson offers one of the most comprehensive metalworking, lubricants and grease portolio and technical support in North America. Monson’s diverse metalworking additive lines and proven technology meets technical, environmental and registration requirements throughout the U.S. Our team is devoted to helping customers find solutions. We offer a complete line of metalworking fluid products to service metal processing and metal protection needs, as well as a line of metalworking biocides.

Personal Care Chemicals


Azelis Americas services the CARE market through our DeWolf Chemical, Glenn and Ross Organic. They are a leading network of technical service and market-oriented distributors of specialty chemicals with a principal focus on the North American Personal Care, Color Cosmetics and HI&I Markets.

A technically competent and market driven orientation differentiates us. It gives us the competitive advantage to provide our customers with technologically advanced formulating solutions that are competitively aligned with today’s market trends and tomorrow’s industry forecast.

We are a technically oriented organization with a market trend vision.

Life Sciences


Azelis Americas has been a key provider of specialty chemicals and services to the Life Sciences, BioNutrient and Nutritional Supplement markets from California to the East Coast through our Marcor Development Group affiliate. Marcor Development provides a broad range of the highest quality nutritional supplements, extracts, and fermentation and microbiological products available from around the world. Azelis Americas supports this business with a technical service team, along with formulation and regulatory assistance.





Azelis Canada has locations in Boucherville, Quebec (Montreal) where logistics, IT, financial departments and Customer service are located. This location provides sales coverage for Quebec and the Maritimes.
The Western office with logistics and customer service is located in Mississauga, Ontario (Toronto). This location is the regional base for the Ontario, Western Canada.